Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Update about new stuff

Summer's been busy thus far and it'll probably continue like that until September.

First, I'd like to thank everyone who have said nice words about my junk, haha. Your support is appreciated. And for those who wonder if I'm ever going to create other Dragon Age stuff... I have a hate/love relationship with the game. I take long breaks from it and when I rediscover it, I start obsessing again. Well, I've been playing it lately (at nights mostly) and I'm loving it once again. 

My first new warden was a Dalish elf Lyna (I forgot to change the default name, lol):

I wanted her to look tough, but also elf-ish. On one hand, she never smiles, wears her hair in two tightly braided buns, has intricate tattoos all over her face, yet her slanted eyes and low eyebrows balance the other, stricter features.

She was a Dalish elf through and through, trusted only those humans she traveled with and supported the mages (saw their situation as similar to the Dalish). She respected Morrigan and Wynne became like a surrogate mother for her.

Solona Amell is my newest warden:

She's my first mage in DAO (huh) and I just finished the Korcari Wilds with her. I haven't fleshed out her character yet, but so far she's been like a wide-eyed child who sees the world for the first time. Which she kind of is, actually, like many Circle mages. I think she will mature and become more wary during the game, maybe even losing friends and faith in their cause after making some bad choices. And her tattoos look like wings, representing the freedom that she thought she'd never see.

I've seen some people's wardens that look like supermodels with their looooong flowing hair and heavy make-up. I want my characters to look like they're ready to enter a battle at any given moment. There's usually not much time to gussy up when you're traveling and fighting all the time. So I'm actually surprised that Solona turned out as pretty as she is :)

Anyway, the point is that I'm kinda obsessed with Dragon Age again, but I haven't forgotten about Sims either. I have some ideas, now I'll just have to wait until September when I have perhaps a little more time and access to my PC.


Sickan said...

They're both gorgeous. I get the hate/love relationship- though I have it for Dragon Age 2 and not origins.
They've just re-hashed everything, such a shame.

And here I thought I would just download that pretty dress for ts3 :)

VacuumMelon said...

Oh, don't get me started on DA2, haha. What mostly irritates me about it is the wasted potential. It could have been so good, but instead it ended up as a mess. Such a shame.