Friday, December 17, 2010

Leather Armor for females

I took some time to make more presentable preview pictures and adjust the texture slightly. So here's the improved version.

It's the first cc I created that's other than eyes and I did this for my warrior sims. I retextured a base game dress, so you don't need any ep's for it

 The textures are taken from various images from Dragon Age and the dress has three recolourable layers.

Download from MEDIAFIRE


Sickan said...

Love this! Especially the texture, but since it's from Dragon Age- that'
s a given :)

Nabbing this and will use it lots.
Thanks and great work!

VacuumMelon said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

the_real_raijin said...

Well done!

Caroline said...

This is AWESOME--the only reason I was looking for female armor was because I needed something for my Dragon Age sims! :D

Anonymous said...

i love the texture and details.. it's totally awesome! keep it up =)

Unknown said...

I love this, but I wish it were for males. I'm trying to make Disney's Hercules and this would be perfect. I can't find anything even remotely close anywhere else.