Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

I finished Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening EP yesterday. It was fun and a nice addition to the original story that I absolutely adored. I always take many pictures while I'm playing, so I'll share some of them here.

I loved some of the new places. It was really obvious when the designers were going for beautiful, dramatic or just sinister vistas, and I appreciated their work. I especially loved Kal'Hirol (which is odd, since usually I hate the underground locations).

Naturally, there were also some new bad guys. I was blown away by the Architect's design; he was really awesome. But the nasty broodmother called the Mother was seriously disgusting, especially at the end. Check out the picture here if you dare.

When I played DA:O for the first time, my character looked okay. She wasn't ugly, but I hated how her cheeks looked. So second time I tried to create someone cute that I would like. I've become so attached to her that now that I want to start playing the game again, the hardest part is giving up my Elissa. D: Here are some pictures of her in the Awakening. By the way, check out her armor in the second picture. It's awesome, right?


Zor (John) said...

where did you get the armor for your char? that armor is rocking awesome

VacuumMelon said...

it's from the Awakening expansion pack, called the sentinel armor set. it's my favourite armor, the others pale in comparison, haha.

emilymarie said...

She's so cute! Sorry for creeping on ALL of your posts D: I should show you MY first character, Emiliea...I love her so<3 she was SO ugly though XD

VacuumMelon said...

Don't worry, I love comments :D And yes, show your character!