Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kathrine Ahlstrom

Kathrine Ahlstrom was an arrogant and ambitious woman who had it all - wealth, beauty, a lot of friends and a luxurious downtown apartment. She was also in a happy relationship with Ryan Atkins, the bouncer of a local club.

One day she went to a party where the local celebrities had gathered. As an aspiring musician she saw it as her chance to make new famous friends and thus climb the social ladder. She introduced herself to Lola Belle and surprisingly they became friends immediately. When the party ended, Kathrine felt happy and fulfilled.

On the way home, she suddenly got a feeling that she was being followed. She looked around nervously, but outside the glow of streetlamps it was completely dark, so she couldn't see anything. Later she thought that perhaps she should have taken a cab, but at that moment she was drunk and happy and tried to ignore that gnawing anxiety.

It happened when she was only two blocks away from home.

She passed an empty bus station, when a man suddenly stepped out of the shadows and asked, "What is a sweet kitten like you doing out so late?" Kathrine froze for a second, then turned around and started walking away as fast as she could. She searched for a shop, club, a bar - for anything! but she could find none. She took out her cell phone, still walking, and dialed 911, when suddenly the phone was ripped out of her hands and she was turned around by someone strong. She managed to get a glimpse of her attacker - it was the same man, of course, and he had dark curls and light blue eyes - before the man twisted his arms around her, pulled her close, lowered his head to her neck and bit her.

Kathrine wanted to cry out, but the scream froze on her lips. She couldn't move and she didn't seem to be in control of her voice or mind. She just stood there as the stranger was sucking the blood out of her, completely paralyzed. Later she couldn't even remember what happened after the man released her. Somehow she'd gotten home into her bed, where she stayed for whole day, until she was awaken by a fever and a throbbing pain in her head.

That night she died. It wasn't as peaceful as passing on in one's sleep. She felt as one by one her organs stopped working. She also felt her pulse quicken with every passing minute, until her heart fluttered frantically and finally went completely silent. She felt the convulsions when the blood in her transformed into something new and aching in her gums when her canine teeth lengthened. She didn't want to become a vampire, she fought against it as hard as she could - but to no avail. The transformation was now complete and she had no other choice but to embrace the night and become one with it.

Thus ends the story of Kathrine, for she is still a newborn vampire. Who knows what adventures lie ahead, though...

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